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I maintain this blog in order to share my photographs and because I like writing. Therefore, I am not very much concerned about my site traffic, but I do of course take note of the visits to this blog. For a long time the large majority of you visited this blog from the United States (according to the site statistics provided by google blogger). Since a couple of weeks this has changed and now most of you arriving here are from China (and there are also more visitors overall).
I would like to welcome you very much!
I hope you, and of course also the visitors from all corners of the world, enjoy my photographs and contributions. Unfortunately, I will hardly ever show photographs from China, because I have only been once on a short trip to Hong Kong. The photograph above is an example that I took on my only photo walk during this visit and it was taken with a small point-and-shoot camera (two other examples taken on the same walk were shown here and there). As the two other photographs, this composition is part of my light & shadow gallery.

2013/11/16 by Unknown
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