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Nearby: Prime Tower reflection 3

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Today's nearby photograph is - in my opinion - another interesting view of the Prime Tower Zurich that I have taken very recently. The building is just about to loose its fame as the tallest building in Switzerland! In reflections like this I really like the confrontation of "reality" with its "reflected reality." The earlier "peeks" of this building also belonged to the reflections gallery. I hope you enjoy!

2014/04/18 by Unknown
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Nearby: EAWAG 4 - XXX

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The composition above is another reminder that interesting photography subjects can be found close by. This nearby photograph provides you with a look behind the conspicuous facade of the Forum Chriesbach - a building that was featured on several earlier photographs. From where we live, we reach this interesting building by a bike ride of about 20 minutes along the river Glatt. In the composition above, I particularly like the light and shadow patterns that are repeated in the reflections in the glass panes. However, the photograph does not just fit the light and shadow theme, but also the reflections and the plays of light categories - it is an amalgamation of different photography ingredients that I like capturing.

2014/04/08 by Unknown
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