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Namibian trees

  Suffering tree, Naukluft mountains, Namibia

When we started travelling through Namibia, my first impressions was how incredibly dry, sandy, rocky, and dusty everything is. It was therefore unexpected to find large, grand trees that either seem to wait for water or have lived long ago, when it may have been wetter. However, there are many impressive trees in Namibia. Especially the suffering, mourning tree in the first photograph was really remarkable.

 Dead Quiver tree, Deadvlei, Sossusvlei, Namibia

 Dead Quiver tree shadow, Deadvlei, Sossusvlei, Namibia

 Quiver tree forest, Naukluft mountains, Namibia

 Corkwood (Commiphora glaucescens), Spitzkoppe, Namibia

2018/02/09 by Unknown
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Namibian landscapes

  Spitzkoppe sunrise, Namibia

After the rocky start from last week, I continue the Namibia series with my preferred landscape photographs. Overall, I am not fully satisfied with my photography during that trip. From several locations I have not created any "keeper" at all. I hope you like the compositions shown here.

 Okaukuejo, Etosha National Park, Namibia

 Erongo mountains, Namibia

 Damaraland, Namibia

 Vingerklip, Namibia

 Quiver tree forest, Naukluft mountains, Namibia

 Twyfelfontein, Namibia

 Spitzkoppe, Namibia

2018/02/05 by Unknown
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Namibian rocks

 Rocks and boulders, Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Last year, I have published only one single post. Hopefully, this year I will manage to show new photographs here and on my website again more regularly. Due to the long pause, I have plenty of compositions from last year that I would like to share. Let's start with a few posts and photographs from our summer holiday from last year - in wintery Namibia.
I will keep the text to a minimum unless you, the anonymous visitors, have questions or comments that would start a "conversation". You are all invited to comment! In either case, I hope you enjoy the photographs.

 Rocks and lonely trees, Erongo mountains, Namibia

 Rocks and wimpy, lonely tree, Spitzkoppe, Namibia

 Organ pipes, Namibia

 Rock fissure patterns, Naukluft mountains, Namibia

2018/01/28 by Unknown
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All the best for 2018!

I wish everybody a healthy, interesting and happy new year 2018!

2018/01/01 by Unknown
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