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Carcolors 43: Beehive reflections

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The Beehive - the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington - reflected on the trunk and rear window of a car. You may think that the photograph should be turned 90° to the left and I guess this would work just fine. However, I have composed this carcolor just like this, in portrait format, and this is why I cannot look at it in landscape mode. If you want, have a look at the carcolors gallery with many more examples of reflections and distortions on shiny car bodies.

2015/04/14 by Unknown
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March 2015 print: Porarari river mouth

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The next episode of my monthly prints, which are New Zealand prints at the moment, is a photograph that I have not shown before. Sometimes, after time and repeated viewing, I start to appreciate a photograph that I may have overlooked earlier. A more intimate composition that was created at the same location has been shown in the blog post about nature details from New Zealand (the second photograph), but at the moment I prefer the version above. Which one do you prefer?

2015/04/08 by Unknown
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