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Namibian rocks

 Rocks and boulders, Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Last year, I have published only one single post. Hopefully, this year I will manage to show new photographs here and on my website again more regularly. Due to the long pause, I have plenty of compositions from last year that I would like to share. Let's start with a few posts and photographs from our summer holiday from last year - in wintery Namibia.
I will keep the text to a minimum unless you, the anonymous visitors, have questions or comments that would start a "conversation". You are all invited to comment! In either case, I hope you enjoy the photographs.

 Rocks and lonely trees, Erongo mountains, Namibia

 Rocks and wimpy, lonely tree, Spitzkoppe, Namibia

 Organ pipes, Namibia

 Rock fissure patterns, Naukluft mountains, Namibia

2018/01/28 by Unknown
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All the best for 2018!

I wish everybody a healthy, interesting and happy new year 2018!

2018/01/01 by Unknown
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