Carcolors 37: Carcolor landscape in grey

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Today's carcolor example is also kept in a harmonious shade of color. In contrast to last week's composition, it is a carcolor landscape in grey, not in blue. The photograph above is particular, because it has been taken when the sun had already set and when there were no contrasty lights and shadows to be reflected on a car body. But isn't it amazing that a uniform, regularly patterned, grey facade is the template for such an intricate and complex assortment of reflections? This is another wall I regularly pass, but hardly ever there is a suitable car displaying interesting reflections. In this particular case, a dark and shiny specimen of my preferred type of reflecting car was waiting for me. To meet other cars that distorted interesting reflections for me, have a look at my earlier carcolor posts or at my carcolors gallery.

2013/11/28 by Unknown
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