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It has already been a while since I last showed you a nearby composition to emphasize that you do not have to travel far in order to photograph (and neither need to buy an expensive camera). The photograph above also illustrates that the very same building may offer plenty of photography opportunities - if you spend enough time and regularly visit the scene.
This is already the fourth capture of the PWC building. In this example, it is not the rotating glass panes that comprise the composition, but instead, you are presented with a zebra stripe pattern that is created by light being reflected from a glass facade (and the reflection of this reflection "inside" the building). This particular scene can only be observed in autumn (and probably spring) when the setting sun enlightens this face of the PWC building in the "correct" angle.
I have deliberated for a long time how to describe photographs of such light reflections. In my opinion they do not fit the "reflection" theme and neither represent light & shadow compositions. Harald Mante has termed these phenomena Lichtkissen (light cushions), but in the particular case above a cushion does not seem an appropriate association. I have settled for the title "Play of light" and you may have a look at other examples in the Play of light gallery. The previous blog posts about the PWC building are found HERE.

2013/11/16 by Unknown
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