Two autumnal beech (not beach) greetings

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugA_yellow_and_a_brown_beech_leave_in_the_small_creek Weissbach near Inzell, Germany.

Autumn is my preferred season because I like the colorful display of nature, the cool nights and the still warm, clear and bright days (if the weather is nice). Although beautiful photography subjects are easily found among the brightly colored leaves and trees, I find these photographs often not very creative. But sometimes "just" beautiful is enough. The topic I have given myself for my few autumn photography days of this year was fallen fall foliage in and along rivers and creeks. I was walking along rivers (also wading in ice cold water) seeking interesting leaf and water compositions. It is not at all a new topic and I have shown examples of such photographs already HERE and also in my recent post about the Sigma DP3 merrill. Of this years' "harvest" I like the above example due to its soft colors and light, and due to the overall "mood". It is not a flashy fall foliage example (we hardly have flashy fall colors in Europe), but in my opinion a harmonious composition. I hope you enjoy it as well!

P.S. I hope it is clear that I found these leaves exactly as they were photographed - they were not touched in any way.

2013/11/12 by Unknown
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  1. Your work is really lovely, Florian!

  2. Thank you very much, Diane!

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