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Happy new year 2017!


We wish you all a happy, interesting, healthy, informative, wonderful, exciting, and lucky new year 2017!




2016/12/31 by Unknown
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Happy holidays ...

... and merry Christmas if this is what you are celebrating. If you have to work or do not celebrate, I hope you can still enjoy all the sparkling lights and shiny decorations.

2016/12/25 by Unknown
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More frosty grass

 Morning frost, Zurich, Switzerland

This post is last week's weekly text and thus really belated. To compensate, I include three additional morning frost compositions from last week's short excursion to a freezing cold meadow. Together with last week's photograph, these are four compositions, out of almost 60 exposures, that I intend to keep. Do you have a preferred version?

I hope you enjoy today's photograph and wish you an unstressed and enjoyable "before-christmas-week"!

 Morning frost, Zurich, Switzerland

Morning frost, Zurich, Switzerland

2016/12/19 by Unknown
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First frost

 Morning frost, Zurich, Switzerland

The weekend is almost over, so it is high time for my weekly contribution. Today I would like to show you the first frost composition of this season (it is still "warm", from yesterday). The picture is also linked to a plea: if you see a strange person kneeling or lying on a frosty meadow on a cold morning, please do not draw any wrong conclusion and just pass by inconspicuously (you may be ignored anyway). He is neither dead, nor drunk or otherwise sick. It is likely just a photographer (maybe me) searching for frosty compositions that are hidden close to the ground, among the blades of grass.

I hope you enjoy today's photograph and wish you a good week!

2016/12/11 by Unknown
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Autumn leaf muddle

 Autumnal maple leaves, Zurich, Switzerland

A melange of red and yellow maple leaves - photographed at the same place as last week's composition. I tried to compose the frame with leaf shapes in the fore and background, while only one leaf is sharp and the "center of attraction" for the eye.

Have a nice Sunday (so far it is grey and cold here in Zurich)!

2016/12/04 by Unknown
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