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3 more Iceland landscapes: mountains, sea and sun

Cloudy southward view from Pakgil towards the coast and Hjörleifshöfði, Iceland

These three typical Iceland compositions, showing lush greens and mountains, grey and menacing clouds, but also bright and sunny views, conclude the series of Iceland landscape photographs that were captured during our summer holiday. Next week, I will show a few compositions of more intimate Iceland details and then move on to fall color photographs. Have a nice Sunday (it is grey and cold in Zurich)!

Crater lake Grænavatn on Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland

Strip of light, Snaefellsnes peninsula, Iceland

2016/10/30 by Unknown
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Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon

Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon, Iceland

Just as the coast near Arnarstapi, Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon is a touristy Iceland destination that attracts flocks of photographers (even more so than the former). We have also been there at an appropriate hour (sunset), but I am rather unhappy with my photographs from that landmark. They are all somewhat boring; mostly because I could not decide whether to concentrate on details or the overall view. I may also have been biased by the many glacier lagoon compositions that I had already seen and did not start photographing with a clear vision of mine (which is not a good idea, of course).
This is a landscape composition that I find worth sharing. I like the moving ice in the foreground, which adds dynamic to the composition, and the bright, greenish-bluish iceberg in the centre was the most attractive icy sculpture in the entire lagoon.
The icebergs on the beach next to the lagoon were a similar case: photographed a million times in the best possible ways. My compositions are rather modest, but I am somewhat amused by this iceberg smiley. Maybe it will also conjure a smile on your face.

Iceberg smiley, Jökulsarlon, Iceland

2016/10/22 by Unknown
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Gatklettur stone arch near Arnarstapi, Iceland

Gatklettur stone arch near Arnarstapi, Snaefellsnes peninsula, Iceland

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and in particular the coast near Arnarstapi, was one of the (not so few) places in Iceland with too many tourists, for my taste. This is why I sneaked out of our room early in the morning, while the rest of the family was still sleeping, and went to see Gatklettur all by myself (and with my camera and tripod). The scene was beautiful: the sun had just risen, the wind was blowing, it was raining only far away, and I was the only person there. Although I am not particularly fond of my landmark photographs, I am rather satisfied with this composition; also because for once I was "there" at the right time.
You should be able to see this photograph much larger than usually. Last week I have lamented the small display, in particular of panorama compositions, on my blog and website. While the width of my blog template is still restricted (and will stay that way), the website should now display full size photographs - much more impressive than before! Please go and have a look at the landscape gallery; and if you want let me know what you think.

All the best and a good start in the new week!

2016/10/16 by Unknown
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Sunset in Svinafell, Iceland

Sunset panorama in Svinafell, Iceland

The sunset panorama above is a stitch of 15 photographs and thus in reality HUGE. I should probably work on the layout of the blog and the website; it is not amenable for such wide photographs. The single portrait composition below is, in my opinion, better suited for display here. It was taken about two minutes before the ones used for the panorama above. I could not decide wether I prefer a single portrait composition featuring the impressive cloud formation at the top or the entire panorama.
Otherwise there is not so much to say. It is of course not a particularly exciting point of view or composition; "just" a landscape photograph. The wide and open view and vast skies of Iceland are really a landscape photographer's (any photographer's) delight. I have created more landscape photographs during our three week Iceland holiday than throughout the rest of the year. Therefore, you will have to endure a few more such photographs in the coming weeks.

In the meantime I wish you an enjoyable weekend!

Sunset in Svinafell, Iceland

2016/10/08 by Unknown
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