Carcolors 35: Autumn carcolors

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This is a seasonal carcolor composition: It is not the regular patterns of a building that are reflected and distorted, but the golden-yellow fall foliage of maple trees (with little distortion). The photograph is also different from all other carcolor photograph inasfar that it is a four-carcolor photograph (usually you get to see only one car at a time). I like the autumnal colors and the zigzag line of windshield whipers that leads across the image. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that I did not get this composition "right" on site. I had originally included more of the first car in the foreground, but I like this cropped version much better. I hope you still enjoy my carcolor photographs - more examples are found in my carcolors gallery or in earlier carcolor posts.

2013/11/08 by Unknown
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