My photo treasures: Tom McLaughlan

To mention and present the photography of Tom McLaughlan in social web media may appear a little bit like bringing owls to Athens. Tom McLaughlan seems extremely well connected to large photography groups on flickr and Google+ and is highly appreciated for his photography.
I would like to alert you of Tom McLaughlan's work because I very much appreciate the clear, minimalistic and geometric compositions. The photographs attest to an individual style and a very conscious observe of his environment. The subjects that Tom McLaughlan photographs are very diverse and often very colorful, which I also like. Especially the ministract collection is a fascinating potpourri of discoveries, hidden details and views mostly in the human environment. Ministract is a term invented by Tom McLaughlan as a label for photographs that are both minimalistic and abstract but do not fit either category satisfactorily. It is a very popular theme on flickr as well as on Google+, where Tom McLaughlan just established the Ministract Monday. This will certainly become a source for numerous fascinating contributions around this topic!
DissymmetryPhotograph © Tom McLaughlan

2011/10/06 by Unknown
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  1. Thank you so much, Florian. I really appreciate your kind words and I'm pleased you like the Ministract pictures. Thank you!

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