Florian's photos: Mystic foggy winter forest

This is a photograph from the recently added trees gallery. The photograph was taken last winter in Zurich, on the Käferberg. It was a cold and foggy morning and I was hesitant if I should venture out at all and where I should head. Luckily, my wife encouraged me to go for a photo bike ride in the cold and suggested the forrest as the goal.
In the Waid, the fog was thick, but the sun was just breaking through, trying to dissolve the hazy soup. I really like how fog can transform any scene and creates constantly changing nuances of lights, shadows and colors. Fog has the power to render the ordinary unique, just like snow and shadows can as well. Fog also transforms any scene in an almost black and white scene with just a subtle hint of color. This is my most preferred of several photograph because for me it captures the mood and light of that moment the best. I had even taken photographs on regular film, the first time again since long, but the roll is not even developed yet. I may post the analogously captured version of this view another time and I will also write about another photograph that I took a little later on the same morning in a follow-up.

2011/10/18 by Unknown
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