Early fall on Old Rag Mountain

It is still autumn here in Zurich and therefore I continue with two old fall color photographs. They were both taken in 2001 during a hike to Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park.
The first photograph shows bright red blueberry leaves in between the summit granite boulders (a very nice guide to Old Rag's geology is found here). I like the symmetry of the rock and leaf layers. The shrubs seem to push the boulders apart, even though this was of course not the case.

I do not consider the second photograph particularly great or unique, but I still remember it very well. It was still early fall and there were only few trees whose leaves started to change their color. But there was this one bright yellow tree that attracted my attention. My eye was drawn to this one bright yellow spot amidst the mostly green leave canopy of the forest. sy you can see, the colors just started to appear, still at least one or two weeks before peak fall foliage colors.

2011/10/30 by Unknown
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