Autumn colors: flittering cherry leaves

Another seasonal photograph; this time of impressionistic autumnal cherry leaves. This is one of the old slides that I have recently scanned - it was taken 18 years ago. I am quite proud of this photograph because the idea to capture the flittering of the leaves was entirely my own and this was the first such photograph that I ever took. I do of course not claim that I have invented taking impressionistic photographs with long shutter speeds, but at that time I had never seen a comparable photograph and this is what counts for me. In a similar case I have also once "invented" the coefficient of variation during my studies; only to learn that it was commonly used by statisticians - as you see, I am quite ignorant. Either way, I still like this photograph very much and it reminds me of a wonderful fall foliage photography afternoon.

As a comparison, this second photograph was taken at the same time of the same tree but obviously with a much shorter shutter speed (and a tripod, as the first one as well). I also quite like this photograph, but it is very different and, in my opinion, less special the the flittering leaves above.

2011/10/09 by Unknown
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