Florian's photos: Trees

My tree gallery comprises views of trees from close or far and in groups or solitude; compositions in which trees are the dominating feature, only to be challenged by light and shadow. I particularly like scenes where light, shadow or snow emphasize the inner structure of trees. There are no autumnal trees - these belong to the autumn color gallery - and vast views including trees belong to the landscapes
I have spent a lot of time selecting and developing these photographs, but I am still in the process of organizing everything into meaningful and distinct categories. This process is also necessary in order to limit the selection of photographs because I find online galleries that are plastered with virtually identical images most annoying. So here is my tree collection; 12 photographs as in all my galleries. The 12 photographs will change periodically, but if you crave for more and want to see all the photographs, there is a link to more tree photographs below the gallery title; like it is done in my other galleries. I am quite satisfied with this solution and hope that you are too.

2011/10/15 by Unknown
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