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If you have a family, you may realize that there are only few possibilities to go on a reasonably long vacation with the whole family. This year, the circumstances are perfect for us and we are now traveling to national parks, the coast and cities in the northwestern US. If you are a regular visitor, you may therefore observe a drop in my posting frequency. 

We do not intend to lay around as lazily as the seals in the photograph above, but their sun bathing on the beach seems like an appropriate holiday greeting. In the meantime, may I recommend some of my older articles? You could, for example, read about moderation. Speaking of moderation: For our vacation, I will only take a point-and-shoot camera (mostly used by everybody but me), a compact system camera with a universal zoom (for about 90% of all my photographs), and three "old" manual prime lenses (20, 50 and 90 mm) that will be used with my tilt-shift adapter. Be prepared for my tilt-shift updates after our holiday!

If you want to have a look at some of my photographs in the meantime stop by at Floriansphotos! I have recently changed and updated the listed galleries. My most regularly updated gallery is Carcolors - an ongoing project of mine. In contrast to our far away summer break, you may also have a look at photo subjects that I find nearby - or, even better, discover and photograph YOUR surroundings! If you are also enjoying a holiday, I wish you a great time, interesting observations and - if you are a photographer - good light!

2013/07/16 by Unknown
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  1. Dropping the post frequency might not be the worst thing to do :-) ... all the better it is to post only the best ones ... have a great vacation ahead!

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