Nearby: PWC building 1

PWC building 1

This is my most photographed building because it is close to where I live and I often pass by to search for interesting compositions. It is an office building, which is commonly referred to as the PWC building due to its tenant. I really like this building and it is a good example for the "nearby philosophy" - to search and find compositions close to where you live. In future "nearby posts" I will show you many different angles, details, reflections and compositions of this construction. The first photograph above shows a broad view of the most remarkable feature of this building: the outer facade consisting of glass lamellas that are printed with a kind of perforated pattern and that serve as sun blinds. These glass panes cover three sides of the PWC building and automatically follow the movement of the sun to shadow the offices behind the actual glass facade (which you cannot see on this photograph). The lamellas are not always in perfect synchrony and sometimes those that break ranks cause interesting effects. In the view above I like the different heights of the shadows on adjacent glass panes. To me it looks like a giant histogram. The photograph above is also part of the facades gallery.

2013/07/04 by Unknown
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