Nearby: PWC building 2

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Although I am still on holiday, I have more stable internet access again and can therefore finally share a new photograph. To contrast my far away holiday, I am showing you another nearby peek. As mentioned, over the years I have taken photographs of the PWC building from all kinds of angles and perspectives and during all the seasons. All compositions feature the outside of the building though - I have only seen the inside through the windows, but it looks highly photogenic too. The composition above depicts the most remarkable feature of the PWC building: the glass panes that serve as blinds and turn according to the direction of the sunlight. I have taken different photographs of only this special feature alone! At some times during the year and when the blinds are not completely closed despite sunshine, the interspace between the actual windows and the glass panes provides this - as I find - interesting composition, which is also part of the reflection gallery.

2013/08/12 by Unknown
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