Beware of proselytism!

Many blogs, people and photographers have a mission that they want to spread. Unfortunately, this often involves advise on what other people should like or enjoy, for example in photography. I very strongly and decidedly dislike any such kind of proselytism. Actually, I find the urge to convince others to imitate ones own conduct presumptuous, assuming and arrogant. 
It is very important to separate facts from opinions. For example, I try to teach my children that it makes a big difference whether you say "this soup is bad" or rather "I find this soup bad".
Remember to separate facts from opinions whenever you read a review or listen to advice! Words like "good", "bad", "best", "complicated" or "intuitive" are subjective designations that usually do not relate to facts at all and only depend on the subjective opinion of the author. In my opinion, the crux of the matter is to discover what works for yourself, irrespective of what other people suggest. This applies not only to photography, but to most things in life. Having a clear idea of your own needs frees you from all sorts of manipulations by peers, reviewers and advertisement and I am quite sure that it also reduces compulsive camera buying syndrom (CCBS) and benefits your wallet.
The above explains why I do not like to write about equipment and tools too much and why you should not take any of my opinions as absolute truths. I present things that I like because they work for me and I am arrogant enough to think that my experience may be helpful or enjoyable to somebody somewhere. I do not share my opinions to convince, but to provide food for thought that may help you discover what is pleasing, right, wrong or useful for you.
To finish this digression into the photosophical, I share a simple light and shadow composition that "works" for me. The photograph was taken very close to my home in Zurich Oerlikon - a favorite spot of mine to photograph on a quiet and sunny weekend morning. I hope that for one or the other of you the composition works as well.

All the best,

Light and shadow in Zurich Oerlikon, Switzerland

2012/05/08 by Unknown
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