Are photographers optimists?

While a painter chooses what to bring to life on her canvas, a photographer composes by excluding what she does not want to be captured. Two different approaches of which neither is better or worse but both represent a subjective choice of a frame or moment. 
This is what I really like about photography!
On one hand, a photograph is a subjectively selected moment or composition that is frozen in time. It does not matter what was before and what happened afterwards and the viewer will never see what was to the left or right. On the other hand, what the photograph shows did exist in the real world.
Photography allows to extract and capture pieces of the world around us and to appreciate these detached from their surrounding and moment of existence. Photographers train themselves to discover beauty (photographs) in the vast see of the ordinary. I wonder if photographers are among the most positive and optimistic human beings :-)

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Morning light, amaryllis shadow and an open door from the Light & shadow gallery

2012/05/12 by Unknown
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