My photo treasures: Strix - living landscape

Photograph © Helmut Elzenbaumer, Liquid gold in a winter mountain landscape

Today's photo treasure is not a single photographer and her work, but rather a whole group of photographers! I have recently obtained a wonderful book entitled Living landscape (it is a German book with the original title Lebende Landschaft). The coffee table book features nature photographs from a group of photographers from South Tyrol that calls itself Strix. The name is taken from the scientific name of the tawny or brown owl (Strix aluco).
Most photographs were taken in South Tyrol, a region in the north of Italy that is home to some of the most beautiful and impressive mountain ranges; the Dolomites. A smaller selection of photographs takes the reader to Austria, Iceland and Scandinavia. One of my most preferred photographs of the book is the golden edge of light in the wintery mountains by Helmut Elzenbaumer shown above. 

Photograph © Johannes Wassermann, Hiding mountain hare

Since 23 different photographers contributed to the book it abounds in diverse styles, different subjects and unique point of views. A common theme is the harmonious integration of wildlife with the environment. Many photographs go beyond pure landscape views or wildlife shots but incorporate wild animals as part of the scenery. The hiding mountain hare photographed by Johannes Wassermann is one example. Other photographs feature the animals more prominently - here, a nuthatch singing out loudly comes to my mind (photographed by Carlo Dapoz). In addition to the photographs in the wild mountains of the Dolomites, one chapter features animals and impressions from man-made environments, such as the northern lapwing that is chasing away roe deer.
Photograph © Johannes Wassermann, Breeding northern lapwing chases away roe deer

I hope you enjoy and wish you a nice day!

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