Tilt-shift: Offspring

Yesterday, I have made an unexpected discovery: The tilt-shift posts have enticed the reader Henrik Fessler to buy a tilt-shift adapter himself! I am flattered that my text had such a motivating effect (even though the adapter is still not listed on the Mirex website) and I hope that he enjoys using his new photographic tool. You can read about his experiences with the adapter on his blog MOPS Werk. I particularly recommend the articles on shifting and tilting, because they explain the theoretical background in great detail and much more clearly than I did. I have also added the links to his articles to the hyperlinktionary entry for tilt and shift photography.

Did somebody else also purchased the tilt-shift adapter in response to my description? If yes, please let me know!

On a different note: Also have a look at Henrik Fessler's "Manifesto" piece. I (almost) completely agree with his conclusions and think that it is a very commendable approach that everybody should at least take note of.

2013/06/12 by Unknown
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