Happy easter ears!

Black-tailed Jackrabbit next to a Cholla cactus in Joshua Tree National Park

In honor of Easter I am showing you two photographs of a black-tailed jackrabbit in Joshua Tree National Park (of course without watermark and all). I still remember very well when I saw a pair of these impressive ears the first time. We had just arrived in the US for the first time and  drove directly to Joshua Tree National Park. In the evening, a black-tailed jackrabbit inspected the campground and constantly rotated its ears in all directions like radar antennas while hopping around. An unforgettable sight and lasting memory!
Black-tailed Jackrabbitt hiding from the sun and the photographer

During the preparation for this post I have learned that Easter is basically a fertility celebration. The name likely originates from a goddess of fertility and Easter rabbits and eggs have become associated with Easter since they too are symbols for fertility. 
The two photographs are actually misleading, since the jackrabbit is not a rabbit at all, but rather a hare (please apologize the finickiness - I am a biologist). So to finish the Easter blog post correctly, here is a picture of our (rather our children's) Easter eggs of this year.

I wish you a fertile Easter holiday and hope you visit again!

2012/04/08 by Unknown
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