My photo treasures: Trey Ratcliff

VoilĂ  another photo treasure! This time, the choice is somewhat different from the other photographers and artists that I have introduced so far. I know Trey Ratcliff rather because of his  ubiquitous online presence (blog, portfolio, google plus, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, videos and others) than his photography. One of the reasons is that he is famous for HDR photography and tutorials, which is a type of photography or developing that does not resonate strongly with me. However, Trey Ratcliff does not limit himself to HDR and my indifference to HDR is not a statement of value but only of personal taste.
I particularly like the photograph below. It is a simple composition, with a prominent eye catcher and the rocky and grassy middle ground leads the eye to the building. It is also very nice how the photograph disappears in the fore- and background and becomes almost invisible (particularly on a white screen background as on this blog).
from the blog Alone in Iceland, Photograph by Trey Ratcliff
I would also like to mention that Trey Ratcliff is known as strong advocate of creative commons licensing and as far as I know all his photographs can be downloaded at full resolution from his website. I think that Trey Ratcliff is very commendable for this very open approach to sharing and making photographs accessible to everybody (an encouragement for me and hopefully others to license photographs under creative commons). For me, Trey Ratcliff is the proof that what goes around comes around and that it pays off to believe in the honesty and good in women and men. It is fantastic to see this approach succeed and I therefore recommend you to visit Trey Ratcliff's portfolio or blog or to watch THIS interview at TWiT Photo (54:28 min).


2012/03/21 by Unknown
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