Hidden beauty of drapes & blinds

People discover all sorts of hidden things in their surroundings. Photographers espy photographs. Like with many things, there are flashy, boastful and eye-catching photographs that are difficult to miss, sought by many but caught really well by only very few. Many people are attracted to these subjects, hunt them like treasures and collect them like trophies. However, appearances are deceiving and the most famous subjects may not be the most interesting. I have little interest in this (superficial) attractiveness and rather seek the hidden beauty of the common, the tiny details in my everyday life because they enlighten me every day.
The photographs in the drapes and blinds gallery are an example for such secretive niceties. You may find worthwhile subject by observing light passing through curtains, by noticing the intricate patterns of wrinkles in drapes and fabric or appreciating designs of light and shadow created by the blinds of your office window. These motifs will change with the seasons and may only be observed a few times each year. I have just added the drapes and blinds gallery in the course of a reorganization effort of the man-made beauty section of Florian's photos. As announced in my last post, I have also continued removing the watermarks and right-click protection and everything is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License now.

I hope you enjoy and I encourage you to discover beautiful details in your everyday life!


2012/03/06 by Unknown
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  1. Yes, I like a lot this article. I'm always glad to discover something new in our dayly life. Very beautiful!

  2. Thank you very much!

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