Shattered window reflection

Reflection in a shattered glass door on Max Bill Square, Zurich-Oerlikon, Switzerland

I have not posted anything for a while because we have just moved and our apartment is a complete chaos. Today, I managed to get through to our computer again (the first time since Monday!). Although it is neither at all seasonal and nor in tune with the current weather (it is cold, raining and snowing), I would like to show you this photograph of a reflection in a shattered glass door. It is also from the reflection gallery, like the last post, and was also taken around where I live (with a simple point-and-shoot camera). The entrance door to a shop on Max Bill Square (Max-Bill-Platz) was shattered, which rendered the reflection of the surrounding buildings much more interesting and unusual. Max Bill Square is located in the north of Zurich, in Zurich-Oerlikon, and is distinguished by an interesting geometric pattern of the paving tiles, which generate a 3D effect.

I hope that you enjoy and wish you a nice day! 

2011/12/22 by Unknown
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