My treasures: Rudolf Mirer

Friendship - Love ("Freundschaft - Liebe", Rudolf Mirer)

Again, I would like to use the occasion of a current exhibition to share a treasure (not a photo treasure) with you. Rudolf Mirer is one of Switzerland's most well-known contemporary artists. The exhibition at the Galerie Nievergelt in Zurich, is very diverse and includes paintings, drawings as well as rare lithographies that are all beautifully presented and framed. I particularly like the ink drawing entitled "Friendship - Love." Although on first sight it may not appear particularly amiable and mellow, I somehow enjoy how the two owls share an eye. Maybe Rudolf Mirer wants to tell us that sharing an eye or rather seeing with the same eye is what friendship and love is about (the drawing is still available and costs 8'200 CHF). 
Much of Rudolf Mirer's work seems inspired by the nature and culture of the mountainous environment of Graub√ľnden, where he lives and works. The subjects, owls (a recurring subject), animals or human beings, are often shown abstractly with clear lines and contrasts and strong colors. The subjects almost seem like icons or symbols for the themes that are important to Rudolf Mirer: creation, friendship, home, human beings, love and nature. Below, you can see two lithographies (Chamois, Quest for Hope and Peace) and a drawing/painting (Colorful Owl) that I also like very much.

Chamois, Rudolf Mirer

Quest for Hope and Peace (left), Colorful Owl (right),  Rudolf Mirer

Rudolf Mirer's style is unique and authentic and there are many works with a similar character that I appreciate. In addition, Rudolf Mirer also illustrated several books and designed wine labels. If you happen to be in the surroundings of Zurich until the end of December, I encourage you to visit the nice exhibition at the Galerie Nievergelt. The place is very easily and quickly accesible from the center of Zurich by a short train ride (7 min) and walk (5 min) and also features a book shop and a stationary shop.

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