Red blueberry carpet

Red blueberry carpet, Cherryfield, Maine, 2011

Ever since the wonderful sunrise and blueberries photograph by Christopher Burkett I wanted to see the blueberry barrens in their autumnal dress myself. During our New England fall foliage holiday in October 2011, we therefore made a side trip to see this wonder of nature, ironically in the vicinity of Cherryfield in Maine
I am very happy with this photograph and really like how the reds, oranges and yellows shine and lead into the photograph and towards the prominent summit on the horizon. I have just made my first printing trials and had this red blueberry carpet printed on classical photo paper with a laser exposure system. Seeing the photograph on classical, shiny photographic paper is even better than on the screen! I like these prints so much that I purpose to create a more extensive portfolio of printed photographs - kind of my photography-related new year resolution for 2012.
I wish you all an interesting, challenging and satisfactory year 2012 and hope that you regularly return as a visitor of my blog. Please let me know if you have any comment, question or topic for discussion.

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2011/12/31 by Unknown
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