Posing collared lizard

I have been thinking about which photograph to write and this one came to my mind. A small (traditional) print of the original slide is usually hanging in our alleyway, but I have just wrapped it and put it in a box because we are moving soon. 
This beautifully colored collared lizard posed for us in Arches National Park. It was a warm sunny afternoon in September on our way back from a hike to Delicate Arch. This little reptile (at least in comparison to the largest representatives of its class, the dinosaurs :-)) seemed to enjoy our attention, at least for a while, and we even tried different poses during the shooting. Apparently, collared lizards can run on their hind legs, but unfortunately this specimen didn't exhibit this ability.
I am not much of an animal photographer, even though as a boy I was very much fascinated by animal and bird photography. I may not be spontaneous enough and therefore usually pursue other subjects. I have only very few animal photographs that satisfy me, but I do like these two collared lizards. I really like how the tail of the lizard in the photograph above meanders backward.

2011/11/13 by Unknown
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