Natural beauty & man-made beauty

Last weekend, we watched the movie The Adjustment Bureau, which was filmed in New York. I wouldn't rate it as the best movie ever, but it features several nice and thoughtful ideas and is worthwhile being watched. In the "making of" there is a lengthy discussion about how great it is to film in New York, how the movie shows New York like it has never been shown and how man-made beauty abounds in New York. I was struck by that expression; not for anything that had to do with the movie, but because this is a perfect category description for city photographs. 
My motivation to photograph is my love for the beauty of nature and more recently also for man-made beauty. I photograph things I like and care about; scenic views, beautiful details, order and geometric patterns in natural and man-made environments. As already written earlier, I think that beauty can be found in many places - natural or man-made, in large things or tiny details and even in neglected, forgotten and discarded items. Beauty lies almost everywhere and is just waiting to be discovered, appreciated, photographed and shared. With immediate effect, natural beauty and man-made beauty are the two categories of Florian's photos. All galleries fit either of these, although in some cases the allocation was not completely evident. For example, I have hesitated whether cultivated plants, such as Dahlia, are "natural" or "man-made" (I have decided to file them under "natural beauty" - although cultivated by humans, they are alive after all!). There are some photographs that will need to be reassigned, but I am very happy with these new identifiers.

2011/11/09 by Unknown
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