My photo treasures: Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is a highly respected, successful and acclaimed documentary photographer, but nevertheless only few people probably know him, his work or his books. Steve McCurry has been awarded the 2011 Leica Hall of Fame award, on the occasion of which Leica prepared this wonderful retrospective.
The single most famous photograph of Steve McCurry is his portrait of the "Afghan girlSharbat Gula, which has become the most recognized cover photograph of National Geographic ever. I remember well the touching article entitled "A life revealed" in National Geographic of April 2002. After the portrait was published, Steve McCurry tried to find Sharbat Gula again, but only in 2002 a team from National Geographic could finally locate her. Sharbat Gula had only been photographed in 1984 by Steve McCurry and then again twice in 2002 for the determination of her identity and she had not seen her famous portrait until 2003. In appreciation of Sharbat Gula, National Geographic created the charitable Afghan Children's Fund.
Sharbat Gula

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