Florian's photos: Light & shadow

One Sijo per day as an outdoor art and design installation? This is Jiyeon Song's "One day poem pavilion" in Mito City in Japan.
One day poem pavilion is a canopy consisting of perforated boards that are designed to project Sijo verses onto the ground. Throughout the day the moving sun projects five verses of two different poems - one projected during the winter and the other during the summer solistice. I really like how Jiyeon Song's light and shadow art and design is integrated into its environment.

The architects Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, who both teach and research at ETH Zurich, go even a step further. In an approach called "digital materiality" walls and surfaces are robot-built according to computer-calculated specifications that create deliberate patterns of lights and shadows on the outside and inside of buildings. I am looking forward to many future buildings that incorporate lights and shadows on their surfaces and inside as design elements.
Light and shadow always come together, but never are together. Constantly chasing each other, never catching one another. I really love how shadows change during the day and throughout the year and how they transform the ordinary. I do not think that shadows are only an incomplete projection of the real world but rather a part of reality. Becoming conscious of the shadows and lights that paint your environment is the start for discoveries that can amuse and please and that may give you tiny bits of happiness on every day.

2011/09/03 by Unknown
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