Florian's photos: Under the rainbow

A few weeks ago, an evening rain and the setting sun created this remarkable rainbow. I had just enough time to climb an observation tower that is close to where we live. Annoyingly, the observation platform is covered by a wire mesh that complicates photography (but creates photogenic shadows at other times); especially since I had to take six frames in order to capture the rainbow in all its glory from beginning to end (but I still missed a part of the secondary rainbow at the top). The rainbow was so close and immense that it was necessary to move around the observation deck, which is probably the reason for the slightly bumpy photo-stitch (at least I did not forget to remove the polarizer in the heat of the moment). Nevertheless, I have never seen a complete rainbow before and I am glad that I managed to capture it. Those of you who can appreciate both the miraculous beauty and the scientific explanation of the rainbow may want to look at the wikipedia entry for "rainbow" or even read Richard Dawkins' "Unweaving the rainbow" for more examples of scientific discoveries that even raise the beauty of nature. 

2011/09/06 by Unknown
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