Alpenroses and photography on family trips

Alpenrose (Rhododendron ferrugineum)Alpenroses (Rhododendron ferrugineum) above Niederenbach, Glarus Alps, Switzerland

I have been a lazy writer lately, but I still photograph regularly, usually on weekends. Last weekend seemed particularly promising, because a trip to the mountains - hiking and climbing with the family - was planned. However, contrary to my expectation and "own" plan for photography, I ended up taking only one "real" photograph (several exposures, but only one motive); besides the (many) family pictures. I am torn between enjoying the fact that the family liked the climbing in the mountains and a kind of regret because of all the photographs that I have not taken. 

The first photograph was initially my preferred composition of these Alpenroses (Rhododenron ferrugineum) high above the Niederenbach. Thanks to the fog (and rain) the scene was evenly lit and the grey filter prolonged the exposure time to several seconds so that the river in the background became all blurry. In this version, I like the fact that the viewer is close by the subject and the red flowers and buds run diagonally across the entire frame. The second version, in portrait format, was actually the first composition and taken without the grey filter. It was still more foggy when this composition was created, but nevertheless this framing and composition keeps growing on me. The river winds through the frame much longer and I am particularly amazed by the detail that is revealed upon close inspection (probably not noticeable in this web version). Do you have a preference for either of the two? Or for none? I am of course strongly biased and like this motive because it was THE MOTIVE!

There was no time for more compositions, trials and errors; the family was cold and wet and wanted to head back to the hut. However, it must also be mentioned that these photographs were only made possible because our children insisted on continuing our hike when we offered to return earlier. So even though I could not take some of the photographs that I had envisioned, I managed to find this unexpected scene thanks to the family. "Real" photography during family trips requires a lot of flexibility (which is often not my strength)!

Alpenrose (Rhododendron ferrugineum)
Alpenroses (Rhododendron ferrugineum) above Niederenbach, Glarus Alps, Switzerland

2016/07/07 by Unknown
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