Allium ursinum photographic studies

Springtime forest with bear leek, Zurich, Switzerland

This is not a regular "Flora post" because I spare you most of the botanical details about Allium ursinum (which has many common names such as wild garlic or broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, or bear leek). The reason for showing all these photographs is rather to illustrate how I see and approach a subject. The first photograph depicts what is obviously visible at first sight (and can also be smelled) when I walk or ride my bike through many springtime forests around where I live. The overall scene is nice and all, but if I am interested in a scene, I want to look closer and find new, hidden, unexpected compositions. The sequence of photographs that follows below tries to illustrate this approach; the getting closer and more intimate with a subject. In this process, I have even discovered tiny, secret inhabits of these stinky plants - colorful collembola (springtail; visible on at least two photographs, if you look closely). The photographs have been created on several photography trips and over at least two years. I hope you enjoy!

2016/07/26 by Unknown
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