Autumnal petioles

Petioles and bud - old and future leaves next to each other.

The other day, I have lamented that simply beautiful landscapes bore me at the moment. In contrast, what I currently enjoy is discovering beauty in overlooked and unnoticed details. The compositions on display here combine this quest with my adoration of fall colors and fondness of regular, geometric patterns.
Nearby where we live, several rows of maple trees turn beautifully red, orange and yellow every autumn.  There is obvious beauty in these trees and in each leaf, but this year I was looking for more hidden subjects. It must have been strange observing me staring lengthily at trees and leaves from an extremely close distance. I was trying to focus (literally) on colorful leaf petioles that provided regular, contrasty patterns. The flashy fall leaves only served as back- and foreground, forming blurry blotches of color. It has become a small, surprisingly homogenous series, I think. I hope you enjoy!

Looking up and through fall colored leves

Shades of red and orange

Autumnal petioles and veins

More autumnal petioles and veins

Petiole crossing

Bud and autumnal petioles in a haze of orange and red

2015/11/05 by Unknown
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