(Boring) fall landscapes

Lödensee, three-lake area, Ruhpolding, Chiemgau, Germany

Today, I am sharing three recently created fall landscape photographs and a panorama view from the Sonntagshorn (the highest peak in the Chiemgau region of Bavaria, on the border to Austria). The three landscape compositions are not only from my favourite season, but were also taken in one of my most preferred locations - the three-lakes area close to Ruhpolding (also the starting point for our hiking to the Sonntagshorn). I always enjoy walking around these lakes, preferably in the morning or evening (not in summer because there are too many swimmers). The valley, forests, summits, and lakes meld into a perfect landscape; only the road passing through is a source of (distant) noise (but it allows easy access). For me, this valley is a place and source peacefulness, tranquility, and regeneration. However, I am actually not that much fond of the landscape photographs that I take there or anywhere at the moment. They seem boring in a way. They may show a beautiful scenery, but these photographs are not the particular kind discoveries that I am seeking. At least at the moment, I am much more satisfied with intimate landscape and close-up compositions, with hidden details that are only discovered if one looks carefully and intentionally.
I will show you such compositions in the next post. Today, these boring fall landscapes must suffice. Have a nice weekend!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugMittersee, three-lake area, Ruhpolding, Chiemgau, Germany

Weitsee, three-lake area, Ruhpolding, Chiemgau, Germany

View towards the Berchtesgaden alps, Sonntagshorn, Chiemgau, Germany

2015/10/30 by Unknown
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