Watercolors 18: Shallow water ripples

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Already the entire year I somehow lack inspiration and motivation for blogging; often I am too tired in the evening, more interested in work-related topics, or not interested in anything at all. At the moment, I try to overcome my inertia by working on photographs on my hard drive and by finishing projects. First, I try to closely inspect, finalise, and conclude the watercolor collection and thus keep showing you more such compositions.

The version here is, in my opinion, similar to the fourth composition shown much earlier, even though the two photographs have been taken at the opposite coast of the United States. "Shallow water waves on Sand Beach" was captured in Maine, while the example here was composed in Oregon; at Smugglers Cove. The composition above may seem technically flawed (out of focus), incredibly boring, or even banal. Yet, it is a photograph I still like, even though it has been taken over two years ago. It has thus successfully stood my test of time.

If you have looked at some of my photographs, you probably realise that I like patterns and intimate views, details, instead of sweeping vistas. In today's photograph, I particularly like the regular, angled waves, the overall harmonious color and mood; even though it is much less colorful than I often prefer. For the attentive inspector, there is even subtle hint of the sandy ground that is shimmering through. If you want, also have a look at the entire watercolor gallery with other recent and older examples of colorful reflections on bodies of water.

2015/09/29 by Unknown
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