Watercolors 17: Impressionist birch trees

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Although I have recently posted several times about our summer holiday (and the GX8 adventure), I should officially recommence my regular photo articles after the "summer break"; again with a watercolor composition. Today's watercolor photograph is an early version: bare birch tree trunks reflected in a shallow (artificial) lake.

For me, this composition does not really look like a photograph, but rather resembles a painting. Photographs like this depend much less on resolution or other camera specifications than traditional landscape captures, for example, because they are not about sharpness and detail. As long as I do not print this photograph very large, which I won't, this watercolor composition seems perfectly fine to me; despite the tininess of the camera (and its sensor) it was captured with.

If you want, head over to the watercolor gallery and look at the other recent examples - there are two more photographs (compositions 15 and 16), which have only been presented in the course of the GX8 adventure.

2015/09/12 by Unknown
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