New Zealand trees

I am working my way through the photographs from our recent New Zealand trip, so that I can share more compositions here, prepare a family photo book, and put together a slide show. Today, the topic are trees and forests. For a visitor from Europe, the native trees and forests of New Zealand are otherworldly, astonishing, and foreign. The lush and intense greens, the dense undergrowth, all the epiphytes and mosses, and of course the many types of ferns. There are also the majestic Kauri trees - which might be on the verge of extinction due to a microbial pest - and wonderfully colorful trees such as the Pohutukawa and the Rata tree. During our walks through the New Zealand rain forests the visual impressions were often completed by exotic noises, smells, and the sensation of pouring rain on our jackets - quite fittingly for a rain forest. However, I found it extremely difficult to adequatly capture our impressions in photographs the "work". Below are a six compositions that I like; not only as docuemnts, but also as photographs. However, a photograph can never really do justive to the experience of wandering through such a forest.
All my New Zealand photographs are filed in thematic galleries, but there is now also a New Zealand gallery, within the new "Beautiful places" folder, where all photographs from our recent trip will appear.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPohutukawa entaglment in Wenderholm Regional Park, Waiwera, New Zealand

Pohutukawa forest in Wenderholm Regional Park, Waiwera, New Zealand

The awe-inspiring Tane Mahuta Kauri tree in Waipoua Forest, Kauri Coast, New Zealand

Lush Kauri rain forest in Trounson Kauri Park, New Zealand

Temperate Northland rain forest, Trounson Kauri Park, New Zealand

Waving Northern Rata tree in Paparoa National Park, Punakaiki, New Zealand

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