New Zealand landscapes supplement

Amidst the many family holiday photographs from our New Zealand trip, three more landscape compositions have been hiding. The first photograph, a long exposure, shows clouds flowing over a mountain ridge and then dissolving. One can only imagine that there may have been many more clouds on the other side of divide. Lake Pukaki, the subject of the second composition below, has already been shown in the last post. However, I like the particular view below (also a long exposure) and did not want to withhold it. A Moeraki boulder has also been shown, but in contrast to the first example, the specimen below is intact. If you want, also have a look at my entire New Zealand gallery; more photographs will be added in the coming weeks.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug The cloud divide, Aoraki/Mount Cook, New Zealand

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

2015/01/26 by Unknown
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