September 2014 print: Radiating tree

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My September 2014 print is presented most fittingly, despite it being two days late: Completely by chance I have just discovered that the photograph above was taken exactly three years ago - on October 2nd 2011! We were hiking along the L├Ągern, when the sunbeams broke through the fog and dissolved the heavy mist. Although I am not particularly fond of black and white photography, sometimes color distracts from the main subject. In this particular composition, the sunbeams became slightly orange towards the periphery and some of the geenish leaves were brightly lit, in my opinion also distracting. Therefore, I prefer this particular photograph to be in black and white (with a lot of greys in between). In the composition above, I like how the eye is drawn towards the bright spots in the center, as well as the circular appearance of the whole frame. To me, it looks a little bit as if the photograph was round.
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2014/10/02 by Unknown
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