Leafcolors 4: "Cherry pox"

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Pay attention to the tiny red dots on this yellow cherry leaf, as if it had "cherry pox". Although the signs of pathogen attack and decay are only small, the beauty lies, as it is often the case, in the detail. Over the years, I have looked at many high-resolution leafscans that often reveal details that I hardly ever notice when I just rustle through fallen autumn foliage. Pathogens that cause lesions such as the dark spots on this cherry leaf often alter the tissue around the point of attack. The visual testimony of this host-pathogen interaction is often a distinctly colored halo around lesions. Whatever the cause, you may just enjoy the tiny red spots!
Also, have a look at the other images in the leafcolor gallery, all of which are not photographs, but scans.

2014/10/31 by Unknown
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