June 2014 print: Abstract PWC building reflections

PWC building, Zurich-Oerlikon, Switzerland  Abstract reflections in the facade of the PWC building in Zurich-Oerlikon, Switzerland.

I have just printed the photograph above - the sixth print of this year and therefore the monthly print for June. It is a composition that I have shown you almost a year ago as part of the ongoing "nearby" series. The PWC building is covered by rotating glass panes that automatically position themselves against the sun. The abstract composition comes about due to the reflection of these glass panes in the window behind - the photograph is a look into the inter-space between the panes and the windows. In my opinion, the colors of this photograph fit together harmoniously and I like the regular vertical pattern - it looks a little bit like a colorful bar code. As a supplement, there is even a hint of a moiré pattern!

If there is any photograph on my website that you would like to have as a print, please suggest it as a monthly print.

2014/07/07 by Unknown
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