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What an exciting two weeks have just passed! I have started an interesting new job and my first exhibition is over. I was awaiting both events with great impatience, somewhat anxiously, and hopeful. The carcolor exhibition was much more stressful for me than I had originally anticipated. After the set-up of the photographs my tension abated and I was looking forward to the opening evening. But as it happens to me so often, it was different from what I imagined and I did not like it at all. There were so many people that it was hard to even move around. I felt like a water molecule in an ocean - an environment that is not at all conducive to my character.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Carcolors out in the public!

Photo14 is, in my opinion, better thought of as an event than a photo exhibition. The concept is interesting and quite different from other exhibitions I have seen so far. First of all, it takes place in former manufacturing halls - huge rooms! The photographs are not shown hanging on walls, but lying on styrofoam cubes (4 x 1x 0.5 m). Every photographer who was selected obtained one such cube - altogether there were 125 photographers. For five days, one of the 125 cubes was "mine" and exposed nine of my carcolor compositions to, according to the organizers, 22'000 people! To me, roaming the halls of photo14 was nothing like quietly enjoying an art gallery or a museum, but rather a real-world experience of something like Flickr or the like. But it was certainly an interesting and worthwhile experience nevertheless!

Click on the link or on the cover above for a preview of the entire book (full screen mode is also available).
To duly celebrate and mark my first exhibition, I have prepared a portfolio "blurb" book with 25 of my most preferred carcolor compositions. A finale furioso - at least temporarily - of my carcolor photography! I have made two versions of the book; a large format (30 x 30 cm) book printed on "proline" photo paper and a smaller (18 x 18 cm) book printed on premium lustre paper. The large book on the proline paper is really nice and I am highly satisfied with the result. The paper is thick, glossy and shiny, with very slightly structured surface - the nicest paper that I have seen in such kinds of books yet. However, this quality (and size) also comes at a price; the book is quite expensive. The smaller book is more economical and the lustre paper is absolutely fine too (only slightly thinner and completely smooth, since several years we print our yearly family photo books on this paper). Except for the size and paper, the two books are identical. Each of the 25 carcolor photographs is accompanied by a short text and sometimes a second, small photograph highlights alternative compositions. It even contains two photographs that were not shown here on this blog or anywhere else (the two last ones). Please have a look at the book preview (also available in full-screen mode), I think it is really nice!
If you want, you can even buy the book at cost - the prices for the large and small book are 91.86 and 24.90 Euros, respectively. This is exactly the same price that I am paying too. However, if you like the book or this website and would like to remunerate me, you are welcome to use the new "donate" button on the left side on my blog. On the other hand, if you really like the carcolor photographs (or any other photograph), you may also be interested in a print - these, I have adjusted and printed myself and are even better than the book - I think. Have a nice weekend!

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