A special moment

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I neither write for the whole world nor for eternity, I write a love song for you - this is the tune emanting from the headphones in my ears (freely translated from the german original); loud, powerful, touching. I am completely immersed in my world, memories, and feelings, while I sit in front of my computer screen and develop the photograph above. For whatever reseasons, the song that I like since a very long time, the memories of the moment when I made the photograph, and the many hours I have already spent working on this series of photographs are a powerful combination. It was just the right tune in the right moment to transform me, to transfer me into a new world and to render developing of this phtograph an almost spiritual experience.
I had not planned to write today and neither to share the photograph above anytime soon, but I just felt like sharing it in this particular moment and context (the moment is of course already gone by the time this text is finished and you are reading it). I will not tell you what the photograph really is, because I will post it again at a later point in time, as part of a new photography theme. Here, I just show it because of my special moment (and because it is one of my favourite photographs of 2013). I hope that some of you enjoy and can somehow empathise.

2014/01/20 by Unknown
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