Sea of fog over Zurich - emerging Prime Tower

Depending on where you live, fog is a frequently recurring meteorological phenomenon, a rare event, or nonexistent. Also, the persons concerned may perceive fog as a fascinating condition, consider it an aggravation, or meet it with indifference. I mostly embrace fog and "fog season" as fascinating and only become depressed when it persists for weeks (without ever dissolving), which can happen in Zurich.
Yesterday, on the other hand, the warmth and brightness of the sun was felt already in the morning - a clear sign that the thick fog was going to dissolve. We took advantage of the promising conditions and left for a morning family hike, hoping that we would reach the sun and observe the fog disappear in front of our eyes. When we reached a small hill and a viewpoint close to where we live, we were already in the sun, but the city below was filled with a thick, white soup of fog. It was so bright that I had to squint my eyes and it was hard to see anything on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder of the camera.
At the beginning, the whole scene was a sea of fog and we could not even see the mountains on the horizon or even the close-by Uetliberg. After a short wait (it was long according to our children - they wanted to leave already), the mountains suddenly appeared and we started to watch out for the roof of the Prime Tower, which soon emerged. It was a fascinating display of fog waves bathing the skyscraper, sometimes revealing a large portion and in the next moment hiding the whole building. The foggy cover also hid the large number of tower cranes, which blight the view of Zurich at the moment.
I have already shown you two similar views that I have photographed almost three years ago (Link 1, Link 2). This time (only the second time I observed the disappearing of such a fog scene over Zurich), I even had a tripod with me and took many photographs of different "hiding stages" of the building. Instead of boring you with many separate images and to avoid having to select only one photograph, I have assembled two series of photographs into a kind of movie (my first attempt with this technology - there certainly is room for improvement). I think it illustrates well how quickly the scene was changing and I hope you enjoy.

2013/12/28 by Unknown
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