Carcolor 40: Reflective posterior

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This is my carcolor composition number 40 (it is the 41st photograph, because there are two versions of Carcolors 30) and for the time being it is the last one to be shown. The building reflected here is close to where I live and it has served as the template for several carcolor photographs (only one was shown; Carcolors 19). However, this particular (expensive) type of car is a new addition to the carcolors series. I like the apparent symmetry of this photograph, which is not at all perfect: If you look carefully, you immediately see the windscreen wiper, the rear mirrors, or the reflection of the sun, which disrupt the symmetry. How many suns do you see?
If you would like to have a look at the preceding 11 carcolor compositions, please follow THIS LINK. All 40 carcolor photographs are in the extended gallery and you are also welcome to check out my earlier carcolor posts. Thanks for visiting!
I have also just "officially" printed the first nine carcolor photographs, because they will be exhibited at the photo14 in Zurich (from January 10-14 in the Maag Event Hall). If you are in Zurich, please consider visiting!

2013/12/30 by Unknown
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