Tilt-shift: Cinder cone shift panorama

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I have been and am busy with many different things and thoughts at the moment and therefore continue to update this blog only occasionally - and only with shorter posts (among other things, I have been combating a virus this week - I won). As promised in the last tilt-shift blog post, I am showing you here the first shift panorama that was taken with the tripod mount and the Mirex tilt-shift adapter.
Above is a far away photograph (for me, 9065 km away) taken on top of Cinder Cone in Lassen Volcanic National Park. What a fantastic (and hot) place! The panorama consists of five photographs (full 15 mm shift, 10 mm shift in both directions, no shift), but three would have sufficed. Instead of the 12 million pixels of each individual photograph, the composite image has almost 33 million pixels! As you can see, there is some vignetting, but despite the 15 mm shift, the whole frame is covered (however, when I added a polarizer, there were black bands on both sides), suggesting that the 20 mm Voigtländer lens used in this particular case has a larger image circle than 24 x 36 mm (unlike the Canon 70-200 mm L / f4 at 200 mm). 

2013/09/01 by Unknown
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